About Me


My name is Philippa, and I am the creative mind behind 3rdandTime. I make/ paint/ draw/ create everything on this website. Yes, just me!

(That’s about as far as I get though! I’d like to credit and thank my sister Suzie with helping me organise and run my craft stalls and my cousin Duncan as my webmaster).

If you’d like to know a little bit about me and 3rdandTime, I’ve endeavoured to answer some commonly asked questions below.

Why ‘3rdandTime’? What does it mean?

It’s just a play on ‘3rd time lucky’.

How long have you been doing this?

3rdandTime has existed for a couple of years, but being furloughed (like many!) granted me an opportunity to indulge my creative side a lot more. I thoroughly enjoyed this and realised I wanted to take it a little more seriously. Hence, I have been putting in a lot more effort to expand my stock and my social media presence and have been attending my first craft stalls.

Do you really make/ paint/ drawing everything?

Yes! I don’t do boredom very well……… There’s always a project going on…..(well, probably more than one!)

Why don’t you specialise like other artisans?

Because there’s too much wonderful in the world not to! I have always enjoyed drawing and painting and making from an early age and thoroughly enjoy learning and exploring all the different materials and techniques out there, hopefully then putting my own unique twist on things.

How do you learn everything?

I’ve always been a creative person and am fortunate to have studied and trained in the creative and manufacturing industries too. I studied Model Design and Special Effects and the University of Hertfordshire, I am a qualified DT/ Graphics teacher and have been fortunate to work as a Prosthetic Technician in my working life. Overalls, steel toecaps and a paintbrush in my hair are a familiar uniform!

Where are you based? Do you do craft fairs?

I am based in the East Midlands and have been expanding my presence at local fairs in the last few months. I will endeavour to update the website with any events I am attending so please come and have a look and say hello too!