Leatherwork FAQ’s

What type of leather do you use?

In all my tooling leather (those with patterns imprinted on) I use full grain bovine leather. This is locally sourced from an independent supplier.

This leather is hand-tooled, edged, dyed and finished by myself.

Leather is a natural material and is prone to natural variations- things like stretch marks and insect bites can affect the overall finish of the leather. While I endeavour to use high quality leather in my work, I also do not discriminate minor flaws- these, I believe, can add character and a unique finish to a piece. Full grain leather is the full thickness of a hide and is often thicker and tougher than other commercially used leathers. This allows for the patterns to be imprinted. It also means that goods are more often hard- wearing and have a longer usage life.

The softer leathers I use are often calf or sheep skin. I sometimes use reclaimed leather that may have marks on the inside. Please see individual item descriptions.

Leather will often soften/ change with use, this is natural and should be expected. Again, I believe this wear adds a unique patina to product.

What hardware do you use?

I use standard hardware from fellow independent craft suppliers where I can. Sometimes I use re-claimed hardware from other sources- please see individual listings for more details.

What threads do you use?

I use a mix of threads according to the designs. This includes (but is not limited to) 100% leather lace, waxed nylon thread, woven cotton thread.

I endeavour to choose threads not only for their aesthetic appeal, but for strength and durability too. All items are hand-stitched- no machine in sight!

Why don’t you make leather straps?

Because I find them hard to do!! Also, I believe that having an adjustable strap (where possible) is better for the product and the customer in the end. I endeavour to supply high quality straps however, usually supplied from other independent sellers and makers.

How do I care for my items?

These items are all easy to care for, especially if you have owned leather shoes in the past! All my products have been finished using a water-resistant wax finish.

I recommend using natural/ neutral leather wax finished that can be bought in many supermarkets/ online suppliers. Follow manufactures guide for application. Regular application and care can help prolong the life of your item. If you are unsure of a product, test on a ‘hidden’ part of the product first.

When not in use, bags can be stored in the canvas bag provided, or in something like a pillow case to help protect them. Other leather items can be rolled (cuffs) or stored flat (cases). Store away from a direct source of heat is ideal as this can cause leather to dry out and crack.

Help! My strap/case/bag is really stiff!

Don’t panic! Full grain leather is thicker than some leathers you may have encountered before.

It will soften! More likely, it will take on the shape/ form around whatever device you are using. Just keep using it as normal!

Some aspects of your bag will soften too dependent on your usage, again, just keep using the bag as normal.

Cuffs will also soften and form around your wrist with continued use.